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Taste for a Cause.
A Tenovus Cancer Care fundraising Dinner

Indulge in an evening of extraordinary gastronomy as the MICHELIN Guide rated, Restaurant Sheeps And Leeks proudly presents...

"Taste for a Cause: Culinary Excellence for TENOVUS CANCER CARE."

 Join us for a memorable 8-course tasting menu, skilfully crafted by our resident Head Chef, Paul Hearn, and the renowned Guest Chef Andrew Tabberner.

This amazing event will take place here at Restaurant Sheeps And Leeks on..

Tuesday the 24th of October at 18:45.

Keep the date clear in your calendar, and make your bid for a space today!

Andy Tabbs profile pic.jpeg

In a heart warming gesture, we're excited to announce that tickets for this exclusive event will be auctioned off!

This unique opportunity not only secures your place at this culinary extravaganza but also allows you to make a substantial contribution to cancer care here in Wales. 


Each ticket offers a culinary value of £125 or MORE, per person, with the added bonus of wine pairing included, but please feel free to bid what ever you like!


To create an intimate and unforgettable experience, we can accommodate a limited number of guests with just 8 tables available. Round up your friends and family for this amazing worthwhile event, as we unite in the fight against cancer. 


The winning bids will be contacted on or around the 10th of October.

(2 weeks before the event).


By joining us, you'll savour culinary masterpieces, expert wine pairings, and play a vital role in the fight against cancer. All profits from this event will be generously donated to the cause. This will support Tenovus Cancer Care and their services, giving help, hope and a voice to everybody effected by cancer here in Wales. 


Please note: Unfortunately, we are unable to cater for any allergies or dietary requirements for this event. 


  • 1st COURSE

  • Stout & Onion Sour Dough, Sage Focaccia, Beef Fat Butter 

  • 2nd COURSE

  • Local Beetroot Ice Cream, Puffed Rice, Chicory, Walnut 

  • 3rd COURSE

  • Pigeon, Cumin Carrot, Granola, Local Yoghurt 

  • 4th COURSE

  • Parsnip, Local Honey, Soy, Lentils, Cucumber

  • 5th COURSE

  • Turbot, Oyster, Bisque, Preserved Lemon

  • 6th COURSE

  • 40 Day+ Dry Aged Local Beef Sirloin, Local Mushrooms, Bone Marrow 

  • 7th COURSE

  • Bara Brith, Mon Las, Preserved Blackberry, Truffle Honey

  • 8th COURSE

  • Local Apple, Home Grown Plum, Local Elderberry, Toasted Seeds

  • 9th COURSE

  • Chocolate, Malt, Hazelnut

Wine pairing choices are still to be decided and will be released soon, but we can assure you they will be FANTASTIC!!!

Bid for a seat for this exceptional event! 

(All bids will of course remain private)


Let's come together with your loved ones to make a substantial impact in the battle against cancer, one exquisite dish at a time. We look forward to welcoming you to "Taste for a Cause"!

Enter your Bid 

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